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What’s Blocking the Power of Your VOICE? Venus-Inanna at the Gate of Communication

venus 3rd gate

The Venus-Moon conjunction of June 20th, the 3rd Gate

Last Tuesday morning I set my alarm for 4:30, stumbled out of bed and out the door and walked east. Destination: the 3rd Gate – the third visible conjunction between Venus and the Moon since Venus reappeared as a Morning Star on March 31st.

The story of the ancient Sumerian goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, directly mirrors the astronomical cycle of Venus. And the phase of the cycle that Venus is now in correlates with Inanna’s descent to the Underworld.

Every month, the waning crescent Moon meets up with Venus, signifying one of the Gates to the Underworld that Inanna must pass through. At each Gate, Inanna is asked to surrender one of her “vestments,” until she arrives naked and humbled, stripped of all outer trappings of power.

Inanna passes through seven Gates, just as there are typically seven (sometimes eight) Venus-Moon conjunctions during this phase. The Gates correlate to the seven primary chakras, and in the Underworld Descent, we start with the Crown (7th chakra) and work our way down to the Root (1st chakra). As we move through each energy center, the intention is to uncover and dismantle any blocks or distortions held in each center.

Lucia René, author of Unplugging the Patriarchy, has said that on an energetic level the patriarchy is over. Our work now is to dismantle our INNER patriarchy, because we’re still holding the energetic structures of this 5000-year-old system within ourselves. Venus-Inanna’s Underworld Descent presents us with an ideal opportunity to do this work, and provides a map for when specific energy centers are ripe for dismantling.

Because Venus is now in an Aries cycle – the Warrior Goddess – we’re specifically clearing blocks and distortions that have suppressed our fierce feminine fire and personal power. (For an introduction to this Venus in Aries cycle and Underworld Descent, listen to Venus-Inanna at the Gate of Authority)

throat chakra

Throat Chakra collage by Emily

The 3rd Gate in the Descent, the Gate of Communication where Inanna surrenders her double strand of beads, correlates to the Throat Chakra. This is the center of speaking our truth and expressing our creativity, and it is often the most challenging chakra for women (myself very much included), the one that is most likely to be blocked.

Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow writes about the Throat Chakra:

Patriarchal authority conspires to keep it blocked, since people with open throat chakras cannot be controlled. Our inner memory banks are loaded with lifetimes in which we were hung or strangled for fighting for something we believed in, and our schools and workplaces are society’s training programs to keep us from saying what we really believe…. After thousands of years of suppression of the Goddess – who represents the female with an open throat – blockage is at a very intense level. Women actually feel they will die if they express their real truth.” (Liquid Light of Sex)

My work with Venus and the feminine is where I’ve felt the most intense blockage around speaking my truth, where the most fear has come up, where my Burning Times past-life trauma has been most strongly triggered. I’ve been guiding groups of women through Venus’ cycle for almost four years now, and have also taught other Venus-related classes, and wrote a widely-read article about Venus and Mary Magdalene – AND, I have a lot more to share.

Although I’m not a huge fan of getting out of bed before sunrise, I wanted direct communion with the 3rd Gate. As I stood outside last Tuesday morning, watching Venus and the Moon rise into view from behind low-hanging clouds, I opened myself to receive any messages, wisdom, guidance from this Gate.

Launching this new Venus Revolution blog (which will also include a podcast – there will be interviews!) is what emerged from the transmission I received. I’ve wanted to start a Venus blog/podcast for a long, long time and have come up with many great reasons to procrastinate, all based in FEAR. The 3rd Gate says, the time is now.

The Gate of Communication is in effect from June 20 to July 20 – an optimal window for breaking free from any patterns of suppressing your truth, diminishing the power of your voice and stifling your creative fire. What old energies in your Throat want to be surrendered at this Gate? What steps can you take to liberate your voice? Where are you ready to activate more of your creative power?

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– Emily Trinkaus