• Do you feel the call of the reawakening divine feminine?
  • Are you longing to live as the Goddess you know you are?
  • Do you feel that the return of the Goddess, within and through you, is essential for restoring sanity and sanctity to the Earth?

The planet Venus has been associated with the Goddess for thousands of years. Is it possible that attuning to Venus’ signs and cycles could support the reemerging divine feminine? How might Venus be our ally in dismantling the patriarchy and priestessing a new paradigm?

This is the experiment of the Temple of Venus Revolution, a community of modern priestesses who are “guided by Venus.” Discover the power of directly connecting and aligning with the celestial source of the divine feminine. Join the Revolution

“I have journeyed in this Venusian Temple this past year and it has been like taking a long dip in a magical healing pond. It has been truly life-changing. I love and honor and celebrate myself as a woman, and all women, as never before.”

“You opened a doorway or portal to allow the full remembrance of my Divine Feminine energy – the ancient piece of truth, wisdom, and royalty – into my current incarnation.  Thank you for opening your heart so I and others might be transformed.”

emily trinkausI’m Emily Trinkaus, founder and High Priestess of the Venus Revolution. I serve as a translator and voice for Venus, weaving together astrology, energy medicine, mythology and history.

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“What happens… when we allow nature itself to be the primary therapist or guide, while the human mentor or adviser becomes more of an assistant to nature, an agent or handmaiden of the wild?” – Bill Plotkin, Wild Mind

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