Venus and Mars at the Equinox

spring equinoxHappy almost Spring Equinox, Venusians & Martians (and everyone in-between)!

What was intended to be a video hangout became an audio event, thanks to my computer mic not working (after updating to Windows 10, sigh). As I explained on the call, Mercury is now in Pisces, along with many other planets, which can manifest in Mercury-Retro-esque kinds of ways.

In any case, here’s the recording, which is a little over an hour, and includes an overview of Spring Equinox, specific details about this Equinox as a blueprint for the energies of the next three months, Mars Retrograde and Venus in Pisces descending into the Underworld:


If you’d prefer to download the file, you can right click and save to your computer: download now

Here are the links and resources I referenced on the call:

the priestessAnd here is some wise guidance from The Priest/ess – which reflects Jupiter in Virgo, the traditional ruler of both Sag and Pisces and dispositor of both Mars and Venus at the Equinox. This is the card I picked for the Equinox from Ariel Spilsbury’s incredible 13-Moon Oracle, :

“I amplify in stillness.”

Priest/ess, send out dimensional taproots from the womb of silence to sense and fully receive the knowing and gifts you find amplified in silence. Silence is a mysterious passageway to the Divine revelation that only stillness accesses in its osmotic openness…. Open to receive owl messengers swooping between the worlds to deliver pulses directly from the Temple of I am Not, where the Emptiness of not knowing is embraced as its spiritual reality because from that deep well, truth can be heard directly bubbling up unedited from the chalice well of the Divine Mind.

With love from the Temple of Venus Revolution, Emily