Remember when god was a woman. Remember Venus’ many names:  Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Isis, Aphrodite, Mary Magdelene…. Remember praying to the Goddess with your whole body, catalyzing ecstatic divine communion through sexuality, pleasure, beauty and dance.

We are incubating, birthing and midwifing a new paradigm. We are living embodiments and co-creatrixes of a world that respects and celebrates the holiness of body and Earth. A world that honors the truth of our connection to each other and to all life. venus revolution

In the Temple of Venus Revolution, we reanimate the Goddess-religion practice of attuning to and aligning with Venus as a transmitter of divine feminine energies. We reawaken our priestess power, becoming more open, present and radiant conduits for the Goddess.

emily trinkausEmily Trinkaus serves in the Temple as Venus’ apprentice and translator, drawing on her background in astrology, women’s studies, healing, energy anatomy, and history. More about Emily

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